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Profiles of Our Performers

Meet our players and singers! Every month, we will be interviewing performers from our orchestra and choir to give you an insight into our world of music, work, and life in general. Our QMO Family is a unqiue community in which people from all walks of life and various backgrounds come together to share our love for making music and supporting charities. 


Debbie Lee - Violin 

Name: Debbie Lee

Position: 4th Year MBBS, UQ

Instrument: Violin

When I grow up, I want to be: A specialist paediatrician or physician

I am glad I am studying medicine because: I'll be able to enjoy giving my time and service to the community in a mentally challenging but often emotionally rewarding environment.

My favourite activity when I am not working is: Attending concerts and musicals!

I play in the QMO because: It's a wonderful creative outlet, and I love playing and socialising with such a diverse group of health professionals.

My dream QMO repertoire is:

  • Dvorak - New World Symphony
  • Grieg - Peer Gynt Suites
  • Mussorgsky - Pictures at an Exhibition

10th April 2017

Phillip Wong - Percussion & Piano

Name: Philip Wong

Position: Basic Physician Training / Medical Registrar

Instrument: Timpani, Percussion, Piano 

Area of interest:Haematology

When I get through my exams I am going to: "Have a martini. Gin, not vodka, of course, stirred for 10 seconds while glancing at an unopened bottle of vermouth"

The wittiest/dumbest thing I have ever told my resident: Telling them on ward round that a patient's observations were 'astebrile' instead of 'stable and afebrile'. I definitely hadn't had my morning coffee before starting ward round that day.

My favourite form of study procrastination is: Figuring out the time signature of each piece when listening to ABC Classic FM

My dream QMO repertoire is .

  • Pines of the Appian Way Respighi 
  • Marche Slave Tchaikovsky
  • Piano Concerto No.2 Rachmaninoff  

25th September 2016

Wendell Rosevear O.A.M - Pipe Organ

Name: Wendell Rosevear

Position: GP/ Director of Medical Centre in Windsor.

Area of Interest: I work in HIV/AIDS, Alcohol and Drug Recovery, Rape and Sexual-abuse with male and female victims and male and female perpetrators, Sexual Health, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex Health. Previously worked  in Prisons between 1975 and 2005, plus 3 years in Hong Kong and Trek Doctor in Nepal.  Domestic Violence (State Committee)  and Suicide prevention.

Qualifications:  O.A.M. M.B., B.S. DipRACOG. FRACGP. J.P.(Qual.)

Instrument: Pipe Organ - the quietest boy with the loudest instrument.

The thing I most enjoy about my job is: to be trusted by people who have learned not to trust".

The silliest /most naïve thing I ever did as a junior doctor was: take a baby's nappy off, only to be squirted in the face with a healthy stream.

If I wasn't a doctor, I would be a: Windsurfing instructor and an Artist.

Music to me is like: a sanity trip. But when I am playing 4,300 pipes on the City Hall Pipe organ it is like "surfing adrenaline" as any mistake is spectacular.                                                                                                            

My Dream QMO Repertoire is.
"O Fortuna from Carmina Burana" by Carl Orff
"Small Town" by Peter Sculthorpe
"Piano Concerto No.1 in B Flat minor" by Tchaikovsky.

My Life Motto is: "to make Love infectious". It is the essence of my life and work - to translating Love into relief and prevention of pain.

Wendell is also a very talented artist, with many of his works sold in Gallery Exhibitions.

Some of his works include 'Daniel Shines' of which was presented to the Morcombes. Another beautiful piece is 'Reflect'. 


20th June 2016

Dinah Blunt - Percussion & Piano

Name: Dinah Blunt

Position: Specialist Anaesthetist and medical Hypnotherapist

Instrument: piano, percussion, voice

Area of interest: hypnosis for PTSD, medical trauma, and weight loss

The thing I most enjoy about my job is: it's a power kick - I'm a major control freak

If I wasn't a doctor, I would be: a wellness coach, jazz singer, actress

My dream QMO repertoire is . Carnival of the Animals! Thats why I joined in the first place! The Planets, maybe some big band type swing

8th May 2016

Leslie Gan - Cello

Name: Leslie Gan

Position: Staff Specialist, Logan Hospital Rehabilitation Unit, MBBS FAFRM(RACP)

Instrument:  Cello

Area of specialty interest: Rehabilitation Medicine

The thing I most enjoy about my job is: Seeing patients become "humanised" and well again.

The silliest / most naïve thing I ever did as a junior doctor was: Thinking that I could help everyone. Now, the very cynical grown up me knows that people have to assume some responsibility for their own health. And everyone has to die of something eventually.

The first thing I do when I get home from work is: Take my shoes off

I can't live without: all my crafty hobbies

Leslie is a an artist of many talents, during our rehearsals, you may find her cello on the ground whilst she does a quick sketch. Here are just an example of some of the amazing pieces she has created.

20th April 2016

Geoffrey Wu - Clarinet

(Middle in the photo)

Name (year and school): Geoffrey Wu, 4th Year MBBS University of Queensland

Instrument: Clarinet

I want to be: a paediatrician

I'm studying medicine because: it presents new and exciting challenges every day and allows you to meet and make a difference to people from all walks of life

I hope my internship is just like: iZombie

My dream QMO repertoire is: Wow! Ask a hard one! I would have to say something along the lines of: Claude Debussy-Prelude to the Afternoon of the Faun, George Gershwin- Rhapsody in Blue and Rachmaninoff's Symphony No.2

3rd March 2016

Eleanor Robinson - Violin 

Current Hospital: Redcliffe Hospital

Instrument: Violin

I want to be: Paediatrician/GP

I'm glad I studied medicine because:  Despite some innate laziness, I like a challenge.

My guilty reward for polishing off a large pile of discharge summaries is: Submitting a juicy AVAC .

My dream QMO repertoire is: 'Infernal dance of King Kashchey' from Stravinsky's Firebird Suite

1st February 2016

Michael Lam - Cello

(2nd from the right in the photo)

Medical School: UQ

Instrument: Cello and Piano

I want to be: Palliative care physician

I'm studying medicine because: My left brain convinced my right brain that it was making poor fiscal decisions!

The most unbelievable thing I've learnt in Med School is: How many of the great composers had significant chronic illnesses; and that you can track the severity of their illnesses chronologically through their music. My favourite example of this is Maurice Ravel's apraxia and aphasia, developing as early as 1927. His musical output at this time included the Bolero (1928), the Piano Concerto for the left hand (1929-30) and the Piano Concerto in G (1929-31). Ravel wished to premiere his piano concerto but was hampered by significant fatigue of unknown cause. A car crash in 1933 accelerated his decline and he never composed again from that point onwards.

My dream QMO repertoire is: Rachmaninoff's third symphony or his symphonic dances.

22nd January 2016