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Annual donations from generous supporters underpin our ability to present three concerts a year, and are crucial to the planning and development of these events and the consistency of our standards. Donations over $20 are fully acknowledged in our programs. As all our performers and administrators are volunteers, the generosity of our supporters enable the Queensland Medical Orchestra and Choir to maximise the percentage of all ticket sales towards our charities.

Our goals are to provide a forum for health professionals at all stages of their careers to network outside the health sector and perform high quality music for the medical community and general public while raising funds for charities.  The proceeds of all Queensland Medical Orchestra and Choir concerts are distributed between The Ashintosh Foundation, a charity supporting medical student initiatives at the University of Queensland, and a local community charity of the orchestra's choice. Since 2010, Dr Ryan Williams have led the orchestra to more than 15 sell-out concerts raising more than $40,000 for charities including the Hear and Say Foundation, Cure For Life Foundation, Legacy and many more.

Your support will assist us to meet our expenses, not only in the basic concert event costs, but it will also facilitate development of the orchestra and enable more of our ticket sales to be donated directly to our charities. To support us and our work, please consider contributing to the QMO Philanthropy Fund below. Please specify QMO in the drop-down options for 'Donation Type'  to ensure that your support will be invested back into the orchestra and choir to help our ongoing work. 

All of us at QMO and QMC sincerely thank you for your ongoing support and generosity. 



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Join us for an afternoon of music from Blockbuster Movies and Broadway Shows. The program includes themes from Star Wars, Mission Impossible, Lord of the Rings, to stage musical excerpts from Wicked, Chicago, and Westside Story, just to name a few. Proceeds from this concert will go to both Ashintosh Foundation and CHIRF. CHIRF is a Health Promotion Charity to support medical and allied services for the Mallacoota community which kept running even when it was isolated during the bushfires. Proceeds from this concert will replenish their clinics, and increase the much-needed services in the coming months of rebuilding.