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Newsletter 5th February  

Register for April 21st Concert & Save the Dates for 2024



It has been in the workings for a while, but we are delighted to announce that the QMO will be collaborating with the Law Orchestra (or as they call it; the LAWCHESTRA :P ) for Concert 1. This is going to be a fantastic opportunity on several levels. Not only will it give us the chance to collaborate with other musicians and to perform with a massed orchestra (YAY!), but it will also be a wonderful platform for friendships and networking between our two important professions, which are stressful, sometimes maligned and also run the risk of burnout. We hope this collaboration will lead to lots of cross-pollination of artistic and community endeavours, as well as increasing professional and personal connections. It will certainly also help having extra audience members come to see us perform!

The theme for the concert is “Americana”. We haven’t had this as a theme for a concert before and there is a tonne of amazing music to choose from on this theme. To give you a bit of an overview of how things are going to work, the QMO is going to play (alone) for about a third of the concert. The Lawchestra will also play by themselves for about a third of the concert. Then to finish the show, we will play a few pieces together as a combined orchestra for the finale! It is going to be lots of fun and I’m sure you will enjoy the repertoire. Here are some of the pieces we will be playing:

  • Rhapsody in Blue (Gershwin)
  • Music from “Chicago” (Kander)
  • Music from  “Wicked” (Schwartz)
  • Stars & Stripes Forever (Sousa)
  • Hoe Down (Copland)
  • Symphony no. 9 “New World” - Finale (Dvo?ák)

And more!

For us to play as a massed orchestra, it is going to involve a slightly different rehearsal schedule than usual. The Lawchestra rehearse fortnightly on Tuesday evenings at the Old Museum Building. What we have planned is for our orchestra to attend one of their rehearsals, and then for them to come to one of our rehearsals - thus creating an equitable opportunity for us to have time to rehearse the combined works. Here is the rehearsal schedule for Concert 1 “Americana”:

  • Rehearsal 1 - Sunday 17th March, 1-5pm @ Clayfield College
  • Rehearsal 2 - Sunday 24th March, 1-5pm @ Clayfield College

        **No rehearsal over Easter Long Weekend**

  • JOINT LAWCHESTRA REHEARSAL - Tuesday 2nd April, 7-9pm @ Old Museum Building
  • Rehearsal 3 - Sunday 7th April, 1-5pm @ Clayfield College
  • Rehearsal 4 - Saturday 13th April, 1-5pm @ Clayfield College
  • Rehearsal 5 - Sunday 14th April, 1-5pm @ Clayfield College (LAWCHESTRA JOINING!)
  • Rehearsal 6 - Saturday 20th April, 1-5pm @ Clayfield College

       CONCERT - Sunday 21st April, 2pm @ ERPAC, St Laurence’s College

There is one extra rehearsal than usual for this concert, but it is only for this one-off collaboration. We think that making the effort to attend the Lawchestra’s rehearsal to rehearse the shared pieces is vital, plus it will be another chance to mix and mingle with our new legal friends : ) I would ask that people please do their best to prioritise attendance at the joint rehearsals as much as possible, as it is critical that all orchestra members get time with myself and the Lawchestra conductor Greta Hunter on our combined pieces. Regarding the overall rehearsal schedule; we understand that people are busy and have full calendars, so it’s ok if you have to mis one or two rehearsals. If you will miss more than that, please contact me to have a chat and we can decide what the best thing to do is.

The sheet music are being uploaded on our MUSIC LIBRARY  over the next few weeks. You are able to register to play in the concert and sign-up for rehearsals NOW. See the next section for details.


How to Register

To Register for the Concert

To Register to play in this concert. Please Register HERE.  You can also sign-up as a FOH or stage volunteer on the same page. Don't forget, you will only get email updates about the concert if you register for the concert. 

To Sign up for Rehearsals

After you have registered, you will need to sign up for rehearsals:

Orchestra Rehearsals: SIGN UP HERE. Please do not forget to put your instrument in brackets after your name.

For those you who are having trouble, please contact Geoff, our membership manager via email

The Music will be available for download via the Music Library (password 'qmofamily') within the next 2 weeks.

If you haven't already done so, please join our closed QMO Facebook group HERE, where you can check for last minute updates and changes. 


Save the Dates



As usual, we will be having our mid year concert VIRTUOSIS where we play our more ’serious(ish)’ repertoire, including concerti and soloists. The artistic details of this concert are still taking shape, but we are please to confirm the dates for rehearsals: and the concert, which this time will be at Brisbane Boys College:

  • Rehearsal 1 - Sunday 16th June, 1-5pm @ Clayfield College
  • Rehearsal 2 - Sunday 23rd June, 1-5pm @ Clayfield College
  • Rehearsal 3 - Sunday 30th June, 1-5pm @ Clayfield College
  • Rehearsal 4 - Saturday 6th July, 1-5pm @ Clayfield College
  • Rehearsal 5 - Sunday 7th July, 1-5pm @ Clayfield College
  • Rehearsal 6 - Saturday 13th July, 1-5pm @ Clayfield College

        CONCERT - Sunday 14th July, 2pm @ Brisbane Boys’ College

Please save the dates!!!


Similarly, we are pleased to confirm the dates for rehearsals and the concert for Christmas, which this time will be at the Queensland Conservatorium at South Bank:

  • Rehearsal 1 - Sunday 17th November, 1-5pm @ Clayfield College
  • Rehearsal 2 - Sunday 24th November, 1-5pm @ Clayfield College
  • Rehearsal 3 - Saturday 30th November, 1-5pm @ Clayfield College
  • Rehearsal 4 - Sunday 1st December 1-5pm @ Clayfield College
  • Rehearsal 5 - Saturday 7th December, 1-5pm @ Clayfield College

        CONCERT - Sunday 8th December, 2pm @ Queensland Conservatorium


Spring Soiree will be held on Sunday 13th October this year - EOI will be open in August - please watch out for this in our QMO Family Newsletters and our closed Facebook Page Group.

Both the Virtuosis and Christmas concerts will feature our choir.