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FAQ: Join our QMO/QMC Family

1. Who can join?
Anyone who plays an orchestral instrument, or has a voice they'd like to lend to a choir are welcome to join QMO and QMC! Our membership base spans doctors, medical students, nurses, allied health professionals, and even patients. If you'd like to play with us and help raise some money for medically minded charities, we would love to have you on board.

2. When can I join?
Anytime! We have three concerts per year, and you're welcome to join us for just one, or all three as your schedule allows.

3. Is there are a minimum music grade or level for joining?
There is no minimum grade or previous experience required. The music we play spans many difficulty levels - if you're unsure whether QMO/QMC is for you, please get in touch with our membership officer HERE. We can provide you with a sample of the music or advise you further depending on your instrument. You're also welcome to join us for a rehearsal or two if you're unsure.

4. Do I have to audition?
There is no formal audition process.

5. Do I need my own instrument?
Yes. We can endeavour to assist you to find a local member who may be able to loan you an instrument in rare circumstances, but cannot guarantee that we will be able to find an instrument for you to use. You can also try local music shops but you will have to cover your own hiring cost.

6. When are the rehearsals?
Rehearsals are held 4-5 weeks in the lead-up to each concert. Orchestra rehearsals are usually on Sunday afternoons, from 1pm-5pm, with a few on Saturdays, and choir rehearsals are usually on Thursday evenings with a few on Sunday afternoon with the orchestra. About 6-8 weeks before each concert, an email will be sent out to all our registered members with rehearsal and concert dates. There are no regular rehearsals throughout the whole year.

7. Where are the rehearsals held?
Orchestra rehearsals are held at Brisbane State High in South Brisbane, and choir rehearsals are usually held at the Mayne Medical Building behind Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital in Herston.

8. Do I have to attend every concert if I sign-up?
Not at all! We understand that as medical students & professionals, time is often limited, so you're welcome to play in as many concerts per year as you are able. Once you have signed-up to our membership database, you will be sent an invitation email about 2 months before each concert, with rehearsals dates and times, and a link to register for both the rehearsals and the concert.

9. Do I have to attend all rehearsals for each concert I sign up for?
We ask that all orchestra and choir members endeavour to make it to as many rehearsals as possible, preferably missing no more than two per concert to ensure that our performance is of high quality and standard. If this is problematic, please get in touch with our membership officer or music director. We also ask that members let us know if plans change and they are no longer available for particular rehearsals so we can keep track of parts, and also adjust afternoon tea catering!

10. How are parts allocated?
For our choir, we leave the part selection to you! For the orchestra, this depends on the orchestral section - in most cases, during the first rehearsal, the section registrar will divide parts as needed for each concert. If you have a preference for a particular part, you are most welcome to let your sectional registrar know and he/she will no doubt endeavour to match you up with an appropriate part.

11. Is there a membership fee?
No, participation in the QMO and QMC are completely free. All profits from our concerts are donated to charities associated with our concerts, and we are given very generous support from our sponsors for logistic and running expenses.

12. What if I decide to pull out?
All we ask is that you let us know, so that we can update our database and program accordingly.

13. Do I get free tickets to the concerts if I am a performing QMO/QMC member?
Unfortunately not. All profits from our ticket sales are donated to our dedicated charities - so between that and an afternoon of quality music, they are worth the ticket price! Our 2016 concert series completely sold out - often weeks before the concert day - so to avoid disappointment, remind your family and friends to buy well in advance. Links for ticket purchase will be sent out to all members at the time of player 'recruitment' for each concert.

14. Why should I join?
There are many reasons why you should join, but the main reason should be because you love music and is passionate about raising money for charity. There are many side 'benefits' of becoming part of the QMO and QMC Family, including meeting some amazing, talented people, finding the opportunity to learn from medico's from all specialties and at all stages of their career, as well as making new friends who have common interests. Medicine is not just about the latest journal articles, the newest treatment trends or the most current research, it is about people. At QMO and QMC, we are all about people getting together, creating some spectacular music to help other people.

So if you are ready to join, Click Here to sign-up!

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our membership manager here.