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Supporting Beyond Blue

Posted on 9 July 2017

Queensland Medical Choir recently lost one of our Basses in May this year. Dr Andrew Bryant will be sorely missed by all of us. His family and colleagues have gathered to raise awareness of mental health issues in Health Professionals. His son, John Bryant, will be doing the Noosa Triathalon in his memory and to raise funds for Beyond Blue. To support his venture, click on the LINK HERE.

We will be dedicating 'Virtuosis Gala' to Dr Bryant and proceeds from this concert will be donated to Beyond Blue. Beyond Blue has done phenomenal work with their Doctors' Mental Health Program, which has not only provided support to health professionals in need, but also funded research, data collection as well as raising awareness in this area. Queensland Medical Orchestra and Choir would like to use this opportunity to raise awareness and acknowledge the importance of mental health support for our colleagues and members. 

Support Beyond Blue, be amazed and entertained by the bevy of talents within our ochestra and choir - Join us for 'Virtuosis Gala' to raise money for a worthy cause. 



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Virtuosis 2019

This year's Virtuosis will again feature some of our best soloists in the orchestra in various concertos. This is a challenging classical repertoire that is sure to impress, and will feature soloists from each section of the orchestra, showcasing some of our most talented members. The concert is on Sunday 30th June, starting at 2pm. Please note our new concert venue: Edmund Rice Performing Arts Centre in St Laurence's College, South Brisbane. Come and enjoy brilliant Virtuosos and mesmerising performances.